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37 of the late Jim Kitchen’s free talking games for Windows now available in the Kitchen’s Sink

August 12, 2015

This is a collection of free games for the blind that were created by Jim Kitchen of Chardon Ohio. Jim was an extraordinary person that dedicated the later years of his life to creating free games for the blind community. Over the years, his games were released by the comically fictitious Kitchen’s Inc. As Jim’s game collection grew, the joke became that he had programmed everything except the kitchen sink. With his passing, I present to you The Kitchen’s Sink, containing all 37 of his SAPI-speech-based Windows games and apps, in one fun-packed place! If you enjoy these games, please share them with others!

  1. Thanks for putting this together Brian. I used to enjoy playing Jim’s games back in the day and it’ll be nice to do so again.

  2. Josh permalink

    in the next version could you please include the new menu system along with the newer game of life? right now I had to replace the old menu with the new menu system to change speech rate and stuff thanks.

    • Arijeet Patil permalink

      How did you replace the old menu with the new menu?

  3. Hi ken is my name and have a question. when battleship is clicked on the game pack when I say no to reading instructions I get a runtime error75 followed by a file/path access error when I okay it kitchen’s games closes down. also I can’t even shut the program down when homer on a harley is clicked nothing happens. tried to reinstall it twice and am getting no help from tech lists. what is wrong and how do I fix.

    • JM Casey permalink

      Hi. Did you ever find a solution to this? I just installed the pack and most everything seems to work great, but i’m having the same issue with the Battleship game. Running Windows 10. Installed as administrator.

  4. Brad permalink

    Hello, I installed the game pack, and when I go and try to change the voice, all there is, is the female sappy five voice… How do I install other voices? Like the jaws eloquence voice…

    • adriano permalink

      Hi Brad, just regarding playing the kitchen’s inc games, what’s the aim of the game dungeon master? I’ve been through all 3 levels of the house/castle and collected all the items you can pick up and carry, but when I reach the last room on the top floor, the woman that’s in that room looks at me disappointed as though I haven’t brought her the correct thing and I don’t know what else to do to complete that game.

    • High there, Arijeet here. I am also facing a simeler problem, where in I load games where I had previously set the voice to one of the ESpeaks after a format of my computer some months earlier but they are not talking. I don’t know any solution to this, but do you know one after your problems got resolved?

  5. I’m no longer sure the place you are getting your info, however good topic.
    I must spend a while studying more or working out more.
    Thank you for wonderful information I used to be looking for this info for my mission.

  6. Blake Roberts permalink

    Enter your comment here…Thank you for hosting Jim’s games. Apparently Jim’s web site which had remained up after his passing is now gone/lost in cyberspace. People can still download Jim’s games thanks to Brian hosting them. Rest in peace Jim!

  7. susan permalink

    How do i get the game skunk

  8. What a blow to blind gamers. I had no idea he had died. He wasn’t so much older than I am. My heart aches. r I p my friend.

  9. Peter M. Silvia permalink

    When did Jim Die? My Blind Gamer friend will mourn his passing, as will I… :(

  10. lorenzo permalink

    hi, how do u turn the voices on in the casino games. When I first downloaded the games from the kitchensinc I followed the links but when I played a while I used the letter r and it turned off. I cant get it back on. I am blind as well physically 2018 will be 40 years of my 53 years of being blind. Its defferent when you are starting over in life. loss of physical sight was Glaucoma and rp. thanks for your help and happy holidays.

  11. Chad permalink

    Hello Mr Smart
    I am relatively new to Jim Kitchen sink games. They are great. I love Golf and Monopoly.
    I am blind myself and have found the braille database of great use. I teach a little braille and wondered? Would it be possible to receive that braille program as a stand alone seperate program? Presently if I used it with students and directed them to your site. I would expose both children and elderly people to highly sexual gaming. I am a braille teacher not a ssex ed teacher.
    I would be ever so grateful for your help sir.
    Thanking you in advance.
    My email address is;

    Grateful Sincerity.
    Chad Arthur

  12. Chad permalink

    My name is Chad and I am a player of these games. They are great. I also teachh the odd braille lesson and was impressed with his braille data base program. I was wondering if I could get an isolated file version of his braille program to use myself and share with students?
    In isolating the program I can share with students without exposing sensative students to inappropriate content.
    Thank you
    Chad Arthur

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