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Some Useful Files for Reaper Users

July 25, 2014

This is a collection of files that I’ve created for use with the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation software. These files will be of particular use the blind Reaper users, though others will undoubtedly find parts of them useful.

The following are excerpts from the included ReadMe file. Please refer to it for additional details.

The “Effects” folder contains two Reaper plug-ins that will help you work with some types of VST software instruments. The Hypersonic MIDI Controller makes it possible to select instrument voices and perform basic voice editing when used with Steinberg Hypersonic II. The General MIDI Controller makes it possible to select instrument voices and perform basic voice editing with both hardware MIDI modules and software instruments that respond to MIDI bank/patch change and other typical CC/RPN messages.

Some VST software instruments compatible with my MIDI controller plug-ins include: Steinberg Hypersonic, Edirol Hyper Canvas/Super Quartet/Orchestral, Native Instruments B4, E-Mu Proteus VX, Yamaha SXG50, and Re-FX Slayer. Please do not send me requests for download links for these instruments.

The “Presets” folder contains software instrument presets that can be useful in conjunction with some software instruments. For example, some software instruments, including Korg M1/Wavestation/Monopoly, and Native InstrumentsFM7/Pro53, already expose their internal instrument voice presets to Reaper. In the Effects window, with the software instrument selected, you’ll find two preset combo boxes: one combo box containing presets that you create on your own (or install from my collection) in Reaper, and another listing the plug-in’s built-in presets. Using the second combo box, you can easily scroll through the plug-in’s built-in instrument voice presets, but this is normally restricted to the first bank of presets. Many plug-ins contain additional banks of presets. For example, the Korg M1 has nearly 20 banks of individual voice presets, and another 20 banks of combination presets. With my presets installed, the first combo box in the Effects window can be used to select a bank of instrument voices. Once you’ve selected a bank, the second combo box will be updated to show the instrument voices that are available in that bank.

For other plug-ins, including RealGuitar/RealStrat, the software instrument normally provides no accessible way to switch between the plug-in’s presets. With my presets installed, you can switch between the presets of the plug-in by using the first combo box.

The “ProjectTemplates” and “TrackTemplates” folders contain starting points that will help set Reaper up for MIDI sequencing. When starting a new project, instead of creating a blank project, use the Softsynth Sequencing template. When adding tracks to a project for recording software instruments, instead of adding a blank track with CTRL+t, open the Insert Menu, select track template, and then softsynth. When using these templates, some basic settings will be made for you, such as the setup of a metronome with record count-in. Additionally, like other DAWs including SONAR/Garageband/Logic, you will be able to simply arrow to a track and play your keyboard in order to hear that track’s active software instrument. Without using these templates, it will be necessary for you to manually arm/disarm and manage track echo settings when switching between tracks.

Finally, the “Documentation” folder contains some notes that I’ve collected regarding Reaper. Of particular interest is my Reaper Key Guide. The Key Guide describes the keys that are used by ReaAccess. Rather than simply listing all of the available key commands, the Guide groups the commands by the type of function, and describes some patterns that can help you with memorizing them.

  1. Hi Bryan, I will definitely give your plugins a try. As new user to Reaper, I am happy to see how ready-to-help the community is. best, Juan María

  2. Hi, just found this page (tempting title!!) after suffering a bit of a gut punch after my first successful day of adventures in MIDI magic, after several years of frustration.

    I think my lovely shiny evo mk461c has a hardware defect. maybe it’s averse to being router via a hub alongside an army of peripherals?

    Anyway, I stumbled upon linking ProgramChange, so that presets can be accessed from the keyboard. I THOUGHT I’d tested it, and it worked regardless, but now it’s not working – at all, not even with ReaSynth as only VSTi on track, focused…

    Any ideas, anyone?

    Annoying, every day going to do creative stuff and learning awesome shiz (I’ve got gigs of tutorials alone still awaiting an attentive review, let alone the plugins, LUA!!!! I cold go on..)

    Any guidance on how to setup link PC?
    Do you use channels per fx per track?

    I’ve only got it partially working, so if I insert track from template (reasynth) I can PC +/- and it works (for presets 1 & 2 the preset name doesn’t show but it accesses the info?! EDIT – fixed this by saving the presets)

    I kinda hoped that ‘link to programchange’ was generic, so fx1 was on channel 1 or something.

    Also need to work out how to distinguish between devices (numark dj2go controller for mapping DAW functions, it’s sending notes on channel 1 … I think I need virtual midi ports, and guidance!)

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