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Some Scripts for VoiceOver

July 24, 2014

These are some Applescript scripts that I’ve created for VoiceOver.

  • Say Power Status: If your Mac is running on battery power, this script announces the percent of the battery remaining, and the estimated run-time. If your Mac is running on mains/wall power, the battery percentage is reported, along with the estimated recharge time.
  • Say The Time: Similar to Apple’s time script, but speaks using VoiceOver’s default synth.
  • switch to Finder and open item chooser: The normal command for the Item Chooser is too hard to press for a frequently used command. Also, if the current app is “busy busy busy”, the Item Chooser won’t appear. This script first switches to the Finder, and then activates the Item Chooser.

To use these scripts, you need to save them somewhere on your computer, and assign a VoiceOver Keyboard Commander key to start them. Consider creating a location on your computer specifically for storing VoiceOver scripts, perhaps by creating a Scripts folder in your personal Library folder (~/Library/scripts). After copying the scripts to this location, open the VoiceOver Utility, go to Commanders, select Keyboard Commander, be sure the Keyboard Commander is enabled, and press the Add button to add a new Keyboard Commander assignment to the table.

  1. Thanks a lot from Portugal.

  2. LaMar Mitchell permalink

    I need help with Voice over to stop it from talking so much in Protools 11.
    We’ve got the program speaking, we just want it to speak on keycommands only.

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