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VoxKeys release 1.2 now available, adds GarageBand support

January 12, 2011

Release 1.2 of VoxKeys, a collection of tools for speeding up the way that you operate your Mac with VoiceOver, has been released. You can download it from the VoxKeys project page.

Top of the list of what’s new in this most recent release is a set of shortcuts that I’ve been working on for speeding up the operation of GarageBand. With the new GarageBand support, you can quickly jump to commonly used areas of the song window with a single key press, hear lots of information about the song and current track without having to move the VoiceOver cursor, directly adjust the current track’s volume and pan from the keyboard, and more. Please see the help file for all of the details.

Some problems have also been resolved with the Netflix support. VoxKeys detects the Netflix player based on its URL, and Netflix changed that URL right after 1.1 was released. Netflix support should work fine now.

Some people reported installation problems on the e-mail list that we weren’t able to fix. The installer has been entirely redesigned, so, if you had problems with 1.1, give 1.2 a shot.

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