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Jaws scripts for ChangeIt

October 28, 2010

Back in 2003, I was using a Roland XP-30 keyboard as my primary MIDI controller and tone generator. It was just the latest in a series of Roland gear that I’d used from that generation of modules, including an XP-80 and a JV-1080. One reason that I stuck with the XP/JV synths for so long is that I had an accessible way to edit voices and performances for them.

In 1999, I discovered a program by Jürgen Moßgraber called ChangeIt. ChangeIt allowed me to edit voices and performances on almost every model of Roland JV or XP module/keyboard. Additionally, the program was a patch/performance librarian. It worked fairly well with Jaws, but there were so many controls in the user interface that it was difficult to navigate it quickly. I decided to write a set of Jaws scripts to help out.

Recently, some people on the MIDI-Mag list asked that I post my old scripts. I haven’t owned a JV/XP synth since 2004. I haven’t used these scripts since 2003, and probably Jaws 5. They will need to be recompiled for Jaws 11/12. They may not work on Windows 7. ChangeIt might not even work on Windows 7. I’m posting these scripts in the hope that those of you that are still using these synths can benefit from the time I spent 7-8 years ago.

First, you need to download ChangeIt. Since ChangeIt hasn’t been updated in a long time, and the web site hasn’t been updated since 2007, I’m also posting a local mirror of ChangeIt 2.11, should Jürgen’s site disappear.

Next, you’ll need my ChangeIt scripts for Jaws. Don’t forget that you’ll need to recompile them for Jaws 11/12.

Hopefully they still work, or else someone can get them to work with minimal difficulty.

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