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NLS Digital Talking Book Machine and Aurifi podcasts

October 16, 2010

I recently created two podcasts for Blind Cool Tech that have received strongly positive responses.

The most recent podcast is a Demonstration of Aurifi, a unique game for iOS devices that is experienced entirely through sound. It is quite hard to explain, but easy to understand once you hear it work. If you’re curious, check out the podcast, where I play through a game while explaining how it works.

Download my Aurifi demo.

A while back, I created another podcast, this one focused on the new Digital Talking Book machines that are being provided free of charge to patrons of the National Library Service in the United States. These machines are the replacement for the four-track cassette machines that have been used since the 70’s. In the podcast, I not only demonstrate the basic features, but also show some advanced tricks, such as how to effectively use the NLS player as an MP3/music player, how to access the service menus, and how to make small modifications to the firmware.

Download my NLS Player demonstration.

One Comment
  1. Shawn Thiel permalink

    I miss Aurifi a lot!

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