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MoAccess Archive Update

October 14, 2010

After the loss of the site, it has been difficult for new blind Motif owners to get their hands on the extensive notes, audio tutorials, and other material that has been produced by the community through the years. Eventually, I may upload some chunks of it here in the Motif section for easy access. For now, though, you can download the entire archive.

If you have material that isn’t included in the archive, please get in touch with me. We’d all appreciate your contribution.

One Comment
  1. Jim permalink

    Hi Brian,
    I have a selfish reason to help you get the material on the web. I have heard that blind people can use the Motif effectively. I’m getting back into music as a hoby after a very long time not having a good keyboard. I’m saving money to get one. I just joined the MidiMag list to get advice about keyboard buying.

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